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Place Based Professional Development - in the Amazon?

Christa Dillabaugh Education Coordinator for Amazon Rainforest Workshops

Hi there –

I would love to have community input on a professional development program I am creating with a colleague from Arizona State University – the 2013 Educator Academy in the Amazon Rainforest. Our goal is to use the Amazon rainforest and river communities as a vehicle for US educators (and hopefully Peruvian educators too!) to explore best practices in science education – 5E lesson design, inquiry based learning, STEM, project based learning, etc.

We are interested in getting feedback on the program goals, objectives, and overall design. From your professional perspective (administrator, classroom teacher, pre-service teacher, STEM coordinator, science supervisor, etc):

• Does the program we are building address PD needs in your school or district?

• What can we do to improve it to make it more meaningful and useful to participants?

• Do you think the program has enough essential content and skill development that participants could successfully receive funding to participate? Do you have suggestions for funding sources for participants?

This link will take you directly to the program syllabus:

Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions you may have!

Christa Dillabaugh
Education Coordinator, Amazon Rainforest Workshops
Dr. Molina Walters
Arizona State University, Mary Lou Fulton Teacher College

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