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Flipped classroom

Flipped classroom

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I would like to carry out the technique of flipped classroom in my school. But first I will make a demo experiment on a group of five to ten students. This will require me to build a special website. Can any one recommend me a way to create a free website?

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Erik Woning's picture

Google sites is an easy way to create a website. Especially if you want to enable students to post content. Wordpress is also usefull. It all depends on what functionality you need. You could also try Edmodo or Engrade. These are classroom colaboration platforms. Good luck and I'm interested in the results!

Alice Moore's picture

I would love to hear about peoples' experiences with curriculum mapping. If you ma, what tool do you use? What have been the pros and cons? What do you think the future of curriculum mapping is?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts-

AskOwls's picture
AskOwls provides virtual classrooms

We (www.Askowls.com) have been building a website that is modeled after (virtual) flipped classrooms. It allows for the teachers to upload videos of their choice and then to hold a one-on-one or group virtual class on the topic of the uploaded videos. The virtual classrooms are webcam powered and allow for all participants to see / hear all others. We're seeking alpha / beta users who would mind using it and providing the feedback

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