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How will an OUI conviction effect my job prospects to find work as a teacher?

Emily Nash I want to be a teacher!

I have an open case I'm fighting in court right now but if we don't beat the case I will have an OUI on my record. (Operating under the influence) Before putting in the effort, time, and money to get my masters I want to know if having an OUI conviction on my record will prevent me from getting a job as a kindergarten teacher. (Most likely this will be my grade level)

I have been told it is up to the discretion of the person doing the hiring, but this makes me nervous!! I know there are no guarantees on this one but I'm reaching out to ask professionals and those with an OUI or DUI conviction to speak honestly about if I am in the wrong field and most likely would be passed over and denied work due to my conviction.

I suppose this conviction will effect me whichever proffession I go into, so I should be doing what I love, and I think that is teaching. However, If people don't want to hire me then maybe i do need to look elsewhere.

Any thoughts or experience on this are most appreciated!! I understand that this is a sensitive subject so if you feel more comfortable you can anonymously send an email to

Thank You!

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