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Adding Video to Online Classes just got easy!

Sean Huggans President & CEO/Educational Software Developer, visuaFUSION Software

Hello everyone,
My name is Sean Huggans and I am excited to be here!
Late last year I founded my company, visuaFUSION Software, in order to release a video management technology I have been developing for the past couple of years. Working in a Distance Learning department at a community college, I noticed the lack of affordable solutions when it came to recording and having classroom lectures, instructional videos, and instructor/teacher introductions available on demand 24/7. Through research, input from teachers and instructors, and many months coding, I have developed a solution which allows an educational institution to utilize existing Distance Learning equipment, laptops, desktops, and macs, in an affordable manner, to provide instructors an easy means of providing their students with recorded classes on demand. Imagine your students actually paying attention, contributing to classroom discussion, and expressing their ideas in class, knowing they can go back and watch that very class as many times they want as often as they need to in order to study for tests or take notes.
If anyone would like more information, visit
Have a great day!

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