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Press Release: Social network for International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge

Press Release: Social network for International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge

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This came across my desk today. I've not checked it out in much detail but it sounds interesting. -- Einztein is the only social network that connects students in over 25 countries as part of the International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge, an environmental science program that’s a collaboration between Stanford University and the University of Gothenburg At a time when schools lack funding, yet need the most support, Einztein is the social network for learning that supports educators, allowing them to easily create social learning communities based on their courses, lesson plans and activities January 17, 2011 -- Einztein (http://einztein.com), the social network for learning, announces its exclusive partnership with Inquiry to Insight (http://i2i.stanford.edu/), an environmental science program at Stanford University and the University of Gothenburg. The program gives high school students and educators around the world the opportunity to participate in the International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge (http://footprint.stanford.edu), challenging students to learn about the impact of their lifestyle choices on their carbon footprints and to envision solutions to shared global environmental challenges. Students calculate their own carbon footprint online to measure the impact of their transit, home, energy, food and personal purchase choices. Teachers then share student data with other classrooms around the globe and use Einztein to meaningfully engage students in social discussions online. Students use Einztein’s social network to create learning groups to discuss issues, share multimedia materials, and collaborate on complex environmental challenges that transcend international borders. “We designed Einztein to bridge academic and social learning by making it easy for anyone to discuss educational content and collaborate in learning groups,” said Marco Masoni, Co-Founder and CEO. “Students use Einztein to make real world connections between the classroom activity and their lives, as well as the lives of their peers in countries throughout the world.” Jason Hodin at Stanford University’s Inquiry to Insight adds, “"Einztein allows ISCFC students to exchange ideas and perspectives across borders in a way that is familiar to them, which is vital, given the global nature of many environmental challenges. We’ve seen students around the world share thoughtful, comprehensive responses to project questions. They contribute their own ideas for solutions to environmental problems and reference valuable resources they’ve found on the web.” Still in private beta launch, Einztein is the only social network chosen by Stanford’s Inquiry to Insight as it opens the International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge to year-round participation. Schools, teachers and students will find the lesson plan materials to guide them on the Stanford University website (http://footprint.stanford.edu), as well as instructions to create discussions in their classrooms and with other schools around the world through Einztein. On February 4th curated learning groups and discussions will be available on Einztein so that people and students can share their findings with each other and learn more about the issues involved. About Einztein Einztein is the social network for learning. Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Einztein bridges the gap between traditional education and social learning. Einztein makes it easy to create learning groups for the purpose of sharing resource materials and engaging in discussions related to educational topics. Einztein was created in 2009 based on the belief that education should be accessible anywhere to anyone with a desire to learn at any age. About Inquiry to Insight (I2I) I2I promotes student-to-student international collaboration in a common language to learn about, discuss, and envision solutions to shared environmental challenges, such as global warming and ocean acidification. This international collaboration gives students the opportunity to compare views, attitudes and life styles related to environmental issues and to broaden their points of view. The online communication aspect allows the students to interact across borders in a context with which they are both adept and quite familiar. The core I2I curricular materials utilize interactive media to engage students actively in the learning process.

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