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Groups/organizations/clubs for teacher candidates?

Groups/organizations/clubs for teacher candidates?

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Hi everyone,

I've recently moved to NYC, and am wondering if anyone knows of any organizations that teacher candidates can join for support, networking, socializing, etc.

Basically I am in need of people to bounce ideas off of and ask questions of.


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Kevin Jarrett's picture
Kevin Jarrett
Teaching Middle School 'Technology, Engineering & Design' in Northfield, NJ

Hi there! Boy are you in luck. Got plans for this Sunday? You need to be at Edcamp NYC, a FREE 'unconference' for educators (and aspiring educators):


Edcamps are informal, free, fun and fabulous opportunities to learn, share, network and make friends. People will be coming from all over the tri-state area. You will meet amazing people, learn state-of-the-art techniques, make new friends, and it wont cost you a dime!

You could even propose a session called "New Teacher Networking" or something similar and end up having a great conversation with new and veteran teachers about that very topic.

Trust me, if you find a way to get there, you won't be sorry!

Hope this helps!


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