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Challenges for Ethical Self Leadership

Challenges for Ethical Self Leadership

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Challenges for Ethical Self Leadership
Discuss with your students!

Practical Ethical Awareness
1. Is it legal to the letter of the law?
2. Is it just, in the spirit of the law, and in harmony with your personal integrity?
3. Is it fair, providing an agreeable win/win result for all involved?
4. Are you proud to affirm your position and actions?

Proactive Ethical Behavior
5. Is your purpose to provide a specific contribution or remedy?
6. Are your motives altruistic and not primarily self-serving?
7. Are you willing to take the initiative and to involve others?
8. Are you determined to persist and to motivate others?
9. Are you committed to ensuring accountable behavior by all concerned?
10. Completed, will your efforts have served to encourage and to inspire others?

Peak Ethical Performance
11. Will you promote practical ethical awareness and proactive ethical behavior?
12. Will you lead others to address at least one urgent ethical challenge regarding:

Addiction / border security / child abuse, molest, and neglect / corruption / crime / drug dealing / education / elder care / employment scams / environmental care / fraudulent universities / freedom of speech / gender expression / government / health care / human rights / justice / law enforcement / leadership education / non-accredited colleges / patriotism / prevention, intervention, and recovery for alcohol, marijuana, and drug abuse / poverty / privacy / racism / rape / religion / secure borders / sexual slavery / social services / technology / violence / war / or welfare?

Practical Ethical Awareness affirms the genuine honesty and fair play we demonstrate and hope to expect from other people. It is in accord with the Golden Rule.

Proactive Ethical Behavior encourages personal integrity and self-respect, mutual care and responsibility, social collaboration, and shared accountability.

Peak Ethical Performance empowers all of us to live together in ways that are growthful, nourishing, generous of spirit, servant focused, and life enhancing.

Items 1, 3, and 4 have been excerpted from 'The Power of Ethical Management' by
Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D. and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. (Used with permission.)
Copyright © 2014 by Tom Vanderbeck / 619-546-6626 / TVELM@cox.net / 140327

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