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Who Should Win the Oscar for Best Teacher Movie?

Who Should Win the Oscar for Best Teacher Movie?

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I'm a sucker for a good teacher movie. Maybe it's because my wife is a teacher, and I've seen her fight the long odds to help her students succeed. She inspires me, and I want see others inspired by what teachers do. Movies can do that, although some movies are definitely better than others.

I really loved Dead Poets Society, but then I'm a poetry nut. Then there are classics... films like To Sir with Love, Goodbye Mr. Chips, and Stand and Deliver.

There really have been some outstanding movies out there, which makes me wonder--if all the teacher movies were in the running for a Best Teacher Movie Oscar, which one should win?

I'd vote for Dead Poets Society. (See my earlier reference about being a poetry nut.)

But what about you? Which film would you vote for?

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Kevin Jarrett's picture
Kevin Jarrett
K-4 Technology Facilitator from Northfield, New Jersey
Facilitator 2014

Hard to choose from that list because I need to see them again. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll be watching this thread for others (while I come up with my own nominations.) -kj-

Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Community Manager at Edutopia

From Twitter...

Mr. Holland's Opus or maybe Goodbye Mr. Chips. I'm torn.

Clara Galan's picture
Clara Galan
Former Social Media Marketing Assistant for Edutopia

I love Dead Poet's Society! I also like Finding Forrester... although it's not your traditional teacher movie, Jamal finds a true mentor while he is going through high school.

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