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Completing the Circuit in Middle School

Completing the Circuit in Middle School

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We just finished watching "You've Got Mail." I realize how far we have came with technology since 1998, but do my students. Have they gotten the baseline training necessary for functioning in today's world?

My Donors Choose Project:

By using the current computer lab and these new Arduino boards, we will be able to learn the basics of electronic circuits and create our own projects from the knowledge we gleaned. We have an after-school club and members will work in teams of 2 to learn, program, and eventually compete in Maker (inventor) competitions.

As a student of the 70's, I remember the special events that taught beyond the classroom. Model Rocketry, Home Science Experiments, and Electronic were some of those rigor increasing events. I wish to create a similar experience to my Title 1 students that is inexpensive and memorable. They will be able to walk away with new insights and avenues to high tech interests. Thank you for your consideration!


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