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Transferring credential to CA from out of state

Transferring credential to CA from out of state

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Hi everyone, I am hoping some teachers out there can help me with the process of transferring my teaching credential from PA to CA. I have spoken with a number of different people in different roles and have gotten a ton of contradicting information. If I have already taken the PECT (Pennsylvania Educators Test- Praxis and CSET equivalent) do I need to take the CSET as well? DO I have to do this before I can begin teaching or can I get a preliminary credential and then complete it? Let me know if any of you have any firsthand experience, thanks!


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Ashley Cronin's picture
Ashley Cronin
Digital Resource Curator at Edutopia
I don't have first-hand experience since I received my credential in California and only taught within the state, but there is a section on the website for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing that addresses your scenario: Out-of-State Applicants. There are some downloadable PDFs there that list the requirements for individuals prepared out-of-state.
Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Hi Emi! Sorry to be losing a great PA teacher, but I know you'll love CA! I tried to do a little research, and I think the link provided by Ashley, which is probably the same as this one http://www.teachcalifornia.org/require/be01.html is your best bet. Good luck and let us know what you find out!

Emi Blaser's picture
Emi Blaser
Grad Student about to start student teaching in second grade in Los Angeles

Ashley and Whitney,

Thank you both for your comments and that link! I was going off that link, and thought I understood pretty well, but when I emailed the Credentialing Commission with a question, two people emailed me back with different information, so I was pretty confused! I finally was able to speak with someone at the Commission (after a lengthy hold) and got it all straightened out. If anyone is curious, to transfer your credential to CA, you do not have to take the CSET. You demonstrate your subject matter competence through having your out of state credential. You do have to go through an induction program once you begin teaching (if you have taught less than two years out of state) and have to either take classes or take a series of 3 tests to get a CLAD certificate, which is basically an ELL teaching endorsement. Thank you both again, I really appreciate the help!


Ashley Cronin's picture
Ashley Cronin
Digital Resource Curator at Edutopia

Emi, thanks for getting back to us. I'm glad that it worked out and you got the answers you needed.

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