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Educational Materials for Health Equity

Health Equity Initiative Nonprofit dedicated to promoting health equity through education

I’m writing from Health Equity Initiative (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging community action and partnerships in support of health equity. We are currently in the process of developing ready to use educational materials to help schools integrate information on health disparities and health equity as part of social studies courses, and health or PE classes in middle and high schools. We invite you to assist us in the development of these materials by leaving your thoughts and ideas on the topic and what you feel should be included.

Health equity is the ability of every person to have the same chance to stay healthy and/or to attain his/her full health potential, while health disparities continue to undermine opportunities for economic and social development of too many communities in the United States and globally.

Simply put, healthier students are better learners. Health-related problems play a major role in limiting the motivation and ability to learn!

In order to make progress towards better educating our youth on health equity we need to encourage teachers, parents and students to get involved. Please join the conversation today and leave your thoughts, opinions and ideas, to assist in the development of our educational materials. You can comment on our online forum, The Health Equity Exchange, at the link below:

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