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Needed Assistance in Developing a Community-Based Human Potential and Asset Building Program

Dr. Denise Jamison Life & Academic Coach/Consultant, Acad. Therapist, Educator - Pensacola, FL

I am currently trying to solicit assistance in the establishment of the development and implementation of a Community Learning Enhancement Institute (CLEI) that is conceptually designed to provide childhood through adulthood personal, academic, talent, career, community service, and educational developmental learning and human asset-building services and opportunities via the formation of a Human Empowerment and Learning Potential (HELP) Coalition. The initial starting point of the CLEI would be the development and implementation of a comprehensive community-based clinical and educational program for children, adolescents, and adults with specific learning disabilities and AD/HD - the Nautilus Learning Center (NLC). You may view my LinkedIn page for more information about the proposed CLEI project.

If you are interested in becoming part of the CLEI, the HELP Coalition, and NLC development and implementation, please contact Jamie Bristow, JBEC Group, or myself. The contact information is provided below:

Jamie Bristow - LinkedIn or

Denise Jamison, EdD - LinkedIn or

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