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Scholarships available for 2013 Educator Academy in the Amazon Rainforest!

Christa Dillabaugh Education Coordinator for Amazon Rainforest Workshops

Scholarships are available for the July 2-11, 2013 Educator Academy in the Amazon- a cross-curricular professional development workshop for formal and informal educators to learn and use innovative instructional approaches (5E lesson design, inquiry-based learning, STEM problem solving), protocols (PLT, GLOBE, Project Noah) and perspectives (sustainability, global education, service learning) while exploring one of the world's most important natural resources - the Amazon Rainforest. Join Dr. Mo Walters, ASU; Al Stenstrup, Project Learning Tree; Christa Dillabaugh, Amazon Rainforest Workshops; and work side-by-side with scientists Dr. Steve Madigosky, Widener University; and Randy Morgan, Curator/Entomologist, Cincinnati Zoo. This powerful field experience also incorporates the themes of cultural exchange, service learning, and sustainability in order to provide participants with cross curricular learning experiences to inspire classroom instruction and deepen their student’s understanding of the complexities global environmental issues.

Three $1,000 scholarships will be offered. Scholarship applications due by March 8, 2013. Open registration through May if space is available. Professional development hours and academic credits are also available. Program syllabus and scholarship application can be downloaded from: Contact:

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