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technology planning

technology planning

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Help! Or school is in dire need of tech planning. Sure, we have a lot of infrastructure on place (iPads, classroom sets of laptops, smart boards, etc) but no real plan to guide us. A few questions that I need help with as our schools gets ready to stay this- 1. What's a good framework for developing a school tech plan? 2. Are there examples out there- knowing full well that our plan will reflect our needs, infrastructure and budget? 3. Any ideas out there about what worked or not as this plan was developed? Thanks much for any help ou an give! Vince

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teacher of the gifted for elementary and middle school in New Mexico

Interested to hear from any teachers that have used skype to connect their students to students in distant locations in order to shrink the world. You can read a brief overview of the lesson at http://www.donorschoose.org/project/world-at-their-fingertips/799266/?ve.... What I would like is some feedback of what works, what doesn't work for this type of a classroom project, technical issues to be aware of, etc as I am new to this type of activity. Thanks for your help

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