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Putting the Arts back into Education

Putting the Arts back into Education

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I have been following recent news stories about a movement to put the arts and humanities back into the core curriculum in the US, and am curious to know whether this is being discussed at the district or school level yet?

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Carmelita E. Clark's picture
Carmelita E. Clark
CEO/ Anti-Bullying Advocate: "Bullying/Halt The Behavior!"

Hi, I'm not sure if it is being discussed but since April 2011, my anti-bullying song, "Hey Naw, Hey Ya'll, Ha, Hah", in the genre of positive Hip Hop Rap has been used in anti-bullying workshops in 4 of our school districts in the K.C. Mo. and surrounding areas. It has been used in grades 3-8 with positive results! A lot of the teachers had not thought about teaching anti-bullying with music and art. We have to reach the children with what draws their attention. We now have original cartoon characters, coloring books and educational classes for the victims of bullying and the bullier. Parents, Teachers,Principals, etc.if interested in more info about our products and teaching tools please contact me: Gods1songwriter@aol.com. Thank you.

Kathy's picture
middle school special ed teacher from phila.

verybody is screaming money money we don't have any money for that . I would like to see home ec. , or wood shop or fashion stylyst in the class room . many funds are available for after school for this curricullum. Project learn is what interest the school communityif it's not the challenge of interest you cannot get participates.

Kathy's picture
middle school special ed teacher from phila.

Costume making and stage design is an out of the box way to get students interest /to better math and science and (social) studies akills. Drama is great in character development and oral expression which we need more of since so many students are missunderstood.

CNYIAP Founder's picture
CNYIAP Founder
CNYIAP Founder, Ph.D. education

That is our concern, they are NOT. Due to budget reductions, the percentage of students who are interested in this field(s) are excluded. We have a new initiative to deal with this situation, so far at a local level: Syracuse, New York. Please visit our Blog http://cnyinstituteofacademicsandperformance.blogspot.com/
we welcome your comments directly there.

Kathy's picture
middle school special ed teacher from phila.

I was reading the book The Element where this six year old was looked upon as differently because of her behavior ,she was sent to a psychologist for testing . The psych. recommended that she take dance lessons . her first day at dance school she found sttudents like herself creating dance steps to any combonation of sound all the time . this little girl became the owner of The Julliard School of dance In New York.

Kathy's picture
middle school special ed teacher from phila.

I read your new school concept and am very impressed in the way you address and include talent enhancement through academics but to send the student out into the local community for community service /internship is a hands on experience that gives them drive enough to say hey I want that . Students can come back into the classroom to ask questions how do I start my own .

I' thinking business plan where do I begin at . Will they not only enhace their talents but be able to stnd alone in owning their own franchise /business . James Brown not only sang well but he kept his own books (financial)and paid his staff, thats why Maceo stayed with him his whole carerer. I wish you well in the new school yes academics come first but when your students leave your school will they be able to got to collage or start their own business and the spots minded that may go on to pro -Will the be able to count their own money correctly without an accountant?

Shannon Goodwill's picture
Shannon Goodwill
6th Grade Art teacher from Jackson, Mississippi

I had my 6th graders write a haiku or a catch phrase to the anti-bullying theme and design a poster. We voted on the best. That student then turned her design into the big bulletin board outside of our front office. It was great! ...and student designed and constructed.

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