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PBL project: 6th grade: What should education look like for me to succeed?

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I am looking for collaborators to help 6th graders investigate what education "looks" like in other countries. Also, investigating views on the United States education system compared to other countries. Students are determining what is needed in their education to ensure their success.

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9-12 Social Science Teacher at Malcolm Price Laboratory School, IA

1 to 1 Teacher

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I work with both pre-service teachers and students at Malcolm Price Laboratory School which is part of the University of Northern Iowa's College of Education. This year, my 9th-12th graders have begun working with MacBooks and iPads in a 1:1 setting. If your students would like to ask them questions about what they think about that technology OR what they think is necessary to ensure their educational success, please let me know. I realize your students are talking a global view for this project, but I thought I'd see if input from my students would help your 6th graders.


teacher year 1 to 10 from Langeoog, Germany

Hi Tina, if Your students

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Hi Tina,
if Your students like, take a look at our classes.
I'm mainly teaching 7-year old children (2nd year), but also 8th-10th graders (who SHOULD speak English in a sufficient way).
We are living on a little island in the northern sea, so our school maybe is not "typical" for the German education system, but nevertheless very different from Yours, I suppose.

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