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The interview Project /Skype

The interview Project /Skype

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Hi everyone! I'm a teacher working in Buenos Aires. I work one to one. And I would be really pleased if any of you would like to help with my project. Goals: to practice greetings/introductions; to ask 2 or 3 simple questions like What's the weather there? what do you do? what did you do last weekend?; to thank (for your time and sharing a lovely moment); and as follow up: a little report on the interview. Level: intermediate. Challenge: time zones!!!!!!!!! Feeling excited! I haven't told my students yet. Hope you'll like my little-big idea!

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Elana Leoni's picture
Elana Leoni
Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing @Edutopia, edcamp organizer

Hello -

I've went ahead and tweeted your question out to Edutopia's Twitter network of over 19,000 educators. Hopefully we can find someone to collaborate with you.


James Petersen's picture
James Petersen
Assistant Principal, Hawaii Dept. of Education

I know our students in Hawaii would love to but in the Hawaii public schools Skype, like most other truly useful 21st century tools, (from iTunesU to Dropbox to many url shorteners) is blocked by the Hawaii Dept. of Education. In fact, one of the few things not blocked is Ebay. Go figure...

Joni Clinton's picture
Joni Clinton
I teach Spanish I-IV, grades 9-12 in Anita, Iowa

I would LOVE to help with your project. I have been looking for a long time to get hooked up with another teacher in a Spanish speaking country to Skype with. My students are all one to one also and they all have Skype on their computers. We have really been working on basic conversations this year with my intermediate group and I think it would be a great way for both of our students to get some authentic practice! Let me know if you are interested!

Shelly Hugghins's picture
Shelly Hugghins
High school Spanish teacher form White Oak, Texas


If you are a high school teacher, my classes would love to participate. I am a high school Spanish teacher, and my students would love to Skype/communicate with students from a Spanish speaking country. Please contact me via twitter: @hugghinss or comment on my blog at http://hugghinss.wonecks.net

Also, if anyone has connections in this area, my students and I would be so excited to partner with a class. Please forward my information.

Thank you

Hayley Lusignan's picture

I have done this before from Vancouver to Japan during my practicum Nov 2010. Time difference was an issue but we decided to make it an after school project (keep this in mind as a possible option if others don't work out). So it was 330pm our time (after school) to their 830am the following day. It worked well (although there was a bit of a lag so best to do a test run first!!). We are doing a follow up next week. I am a TOC now so I do not have my own classroom, but sometimes know in advance where I am working. You can keep my info. on file and would love the chance to try the Skype info. exchange again in the future. Good Luck. Please contact via twitter @MrsLusignan or http://mrslusignan.edublogs.org/

Kyle M. Smith's picture
Kyle M. Smith
Technology Coordinator at Four County Area Vocational Cooperative

I'm interested in doing this! We have ESL classes for adults in our school district and I think they could benefit from this! My email is kmsmith@fcavc.org if you could contact me please.

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