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Classroom management for older students

Classroom management for older students

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So, I work in an inner-urban school. We are at about 98% poverty level. We have close to 800 students in our building from 6th - 8th grade. Any ideas on classroom management. Let me tell you about our student population. About 20% of them are serious behavioral issues. They fight on a regular basis, they run up and down the halls during class, many student leave other classes and bang on doors or poke their heads into classes where they don't belong, they are diagnosed with a variety of conditions that go untreated. We regularly have students that leave the building in handcuffs. They take and sell drugs. I've had a student in rehab this year. This is not your average student population. The other 80% of the students range from very engaged, to just don't care. How do you deal with this type of student population. I don't have a single class out of 5 that doesn't have some serious behavioral issues such as swearing at me and each other, talking constantly and loudly, total lack of respect for authority. What do any of you do who may teach in a similar environment?

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