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What's The Best Classroom Management Advice You've Gotten?

What's The Best Classroom Management Advice You've Gotten?

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I thought it might be useful/interesting if people shared the best piece of classroom management advice they've gotten/read/heard... Mine comes from Marvin Marshall, who is my favorite (by far) writer/thinker on positive classroom management. He’s written a question that we as teachers might want to consider asking ourselves regularly. He wrote: Will what I am about to do or say bring me closer or will it push me away farther from the person with whom I am communicating? Of course, we’re just human and all of this is far “easier said than done.” But it’s not a bad level to aspire towards…

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Stace's picture

Dr. Brokenleg said throughout an educator's day you have many opportunities for Bids for Attention--you may not like all of them---but what you choose to do with them will depend on whether you build connections with students or push them farther away---we all want to belong/want to be part of community

Ross Greene also hands out some wise advice---children would if they could---it is not that students are choosing to be defiant, they just don't possess other more prosocial skills---we must help build their lagging skills---

Its time to change our lens on classroom mgmt---it is not a matter of controlling an environment but building moral values---build relationships and you will have a learning environment. Do we really want an end goal to be an environment of complaince?

Mike Procyk's picture
Mike Procyk
Band teacher from Bowling Green, Ohio

[quote]This is my 9th year as a special education teacher of students with behavior and learning disorders and the best advice I received from my first year of teaching was from a co-worker who was also a first year teacher.... he said, "What you focus on will increase." It sounds so simple and basic but it is sooooo true. I used this not only with my students but also as my own personal mantra since days with these students can often be very trying and difficult to say the least. As I've continued on in my teaching career, I've learned that making a connection with each student has helped to build and maintain a positive relationship with them and their families. Hope this helps. :)[/quote]

This is probably the best bit of advice I've read. Very true and something that you constantly need to keep in mind.

Lisa Brown's picture

I started my teaching career in an alternative school in a rough part of town. My Mentor told me "don't take it personally. they (the student) wants you to hurt as much as they are hurting." I have never forgotten that and each day, the slate is wiped clean and I harbor no grudges towards my students.

Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Community Manager at Edutopia

Wow, Lisa. That's both really powerful and really saddening at the same time.

janofmi's picture
National Board Candidate Support Provider-MEA

Great every child at the door first thing in the morning or at the beginning of class to help reconnect and set the tone for your day or class.

janofmi's picture
National Board Candidate Support Provider-MEA

I do know how to spell greet....:(

Rebeca Lozano's picture
Rebeca Lozano
Spanish Language Teacher , PYP and IBDP International Baccalaureate & IGCSE

Hello All!
The best one, keep quiet when the students are shouting, disturbing and not following instructions.
thank you for your comments. l love reading you!

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