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What's The Best Classroom Management Advice You've Gotten?

What's The Best Classroom Management Advice You've Gotten?

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I thought it might be useful/interesting if people shared the best piece of classroom management advice they've gotten/read/heard... Mine comes from Marvin Marshall, who is my favorite (by far) writer/thinker on positive classroom management. He’s written a question that we as teachers might want to consider asking ourselves regularly. He wrote: Will what I am about to do or say bring me closer or will it push me away farther from the person with whom I am communicating? Of course, we’re just human and all of this is far “easier said than done.” But it’s not a bad level to aspire towards…

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RAHUL J. DESAI's picture
master of businessadministration-MBA

In classroom pls treat your students as friends so they will be free for exchange of views, learning innovative ideas which they(students) will understand & allow them to express their opinions,views in Group Discussion to face personal interview in placements for career improvement.

Rurik Nackerud's picture
Rurik Nackerud
Middle/High Educator & Technologist from Portland, Oregon

I have yet to read every response but one of my favorite interventions to use with a single student is to "Bounce" them. Kids are human beings. They get wound up, nervous, frustrated, angry. Sometimes they just need to cool off or a chance to avoid certain situations.

When this happens I send students on an errand. If you set up agreements with people in the building ahead of time and do it often (even if un-needed) students get used to it and do not realize they are being removed from a "sticky" situation. Sometimes I send them with notes that actually say something. Other times I send them with passwords that other instructors know. Once in a while - when I need a longer break I send someone with a note that says, "Can you give me an easy job for five minutes and rescue Mr. Nackerud from having to send me to the hallway?"

Everyone needs a break once in a while: teachers, students, principals....

Lorraine's picture

Hi, I have taught from kindergarten to grade 11 for 22 years. The best advice I can give about classroom management is this: I only have one rule. Here it is:

"Treat me with the same respect and dignity that you want me to treat you."

What is respect the student asks? AHA!!
REspect is no foul language, wear clothing that covers your private parts, be on time, no hate talk, no use of cell phones while we are supposed to be conversing, and the list can be endless---I always remind them when something is not right: How would you like it if I did that to you? This diffuses so many situations and the other children also look to the offender and ask the same question. It has helped in cases of bullying, and in issues within the class. It is so common sense. It is the best rule I ever had!

Elena's picture
Eighth grade ELA teacher from New York, NY

I have been reading the posts and I realize that some are several years old but I have a question regarding secondary school. Every book I've ever read said that classroom rules and consequences should be created jointly. How do you do that if you teach 4 classes?

LindaC's picture

Fred Jones has the best classroom management program in the land. ANYONE who is teaching or planning to teach or substituting can give themselves a great benefit by reading and practicing Fred's program.
Calm is Strength, Upset is Weakness
It takes one fool to back talk, it takes two fools to make a conversation out of it.
Just two 'Fredisms' that show his sense of humor, Teachers and schools around the nation have had incredible success in lowering discipline problems and raising achievement with Fred Jones. Find out more at fredjones.com You will be so glad you did and your students will succeed right along with you. Search youtube for Fred Jones Tools For Teaching clips to see live classroom examples.

Elizabeth Ramos's picture
Elizabeth Ramos
Lead Teacher Medical Careers Academy at Chatsworth HS

Don't be afraid to call parents. They really are our allies. For every two phone calls that you have to make about a problem that you are dealing with in class, make one positive one to a parent just to say something nice about their child. I teach high school but the advice came from my mom and dad. They both teach elementary school.

Laron's picture

The best advice I got from a long time teacher in a small, remote village in Alaska is "Get the students' respect." I found out that we can do that in many ways. Among others, by respecting our students as people, and being a a person inside and outside of the classroom worthy of respect. We may often fall short, but it's something we should continually aim for, I do believe.

LindaC's picture

Words are easy - gain the respect of your students and you will have good classroom management. Makes sense but when you face a class of 20-30 kids, just HOW do you do that?
To every teacher, old and new, I highly recommend Dr. Fred Jones, Tools For Teaching program. His is a program that works, that has reduced discipline problems and raised achievement all over this country and Canada. Do yourself a favor and get his book - or at least check it out. You will be a better teacher and parent for it.

Robert Di Mauro's picture

All of my mentors gave me the same piece of advice.

Know your students

This advice has helped me create a solid rapport with all of my students, understand how they learn and how they interact with each other. I think this is the best way to manage and prevent unwanted classroom behavior.

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