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Question: Is there anything new for the more disruptive student?

Question: Is there anything new for the more disruptive student?

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Given my years of experience. I was wondering if there was anything new for what appears to be more and more ADD type of children in the classrooms.

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Lindsay's picture
First grade teacher

I have only been teaching for three years, and every year I find myself changing my classroom management plan. Last year I had a very aggressive and disruptive student. He did everything from throwing scissors and flipping desks to physically hurting other students. I used tally charts on the desks to keep track of my students behavior each day, but I had to stop using them because he would tear them off. I started using them again this year and they are working out great! Something that worked well for this disruptive student was working towards a reward. I'm not the teacher who gives out prizes left and right for doing something good, but it worked for this child. My students get new tally sheets on their desks each morning. They write their name and date as soon as they sit down. On the sheet are the words: talking, listening, blurting out, and out of seat. I give my kids one warning, after that they start recieving tally marks for their behavior. They are completely in charge of their sheets all day. For 1st graders they do a pretty good job with them. At the end of the day the students add up their tally marks as check whether they had a fantastic day, o.k. day, or not so good day. They take them home so their parents can see them each night. If they have a fantastic day, they get a punch in their earn and return card. After ten punches they earn extra computer time, wampans (school-wide reward), etc. It is working very well and I love that the parents know each day how their child did at school. I would love to hear about some other management techniques from elementary teachers!

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