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laverne christian 6& 7 grade English teacher from NY NY

i have taught high school for 22 years and have never had a class management challenge that I could not deal with. I have a 6 & 7 grade class and I cannot manage them. I may have one or two good lessons a week and the rest of the time I spend redirecting behavior and nothing gets done. I do not know what to do except call parents, which has helped but as soon as one fire is put out another one happens. I love teaching and get excited about the lessons I prepare but they do not work. I am constantly looking for things -t

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Hi Laverne, I wanted to share

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Hi Laverne,

I wanted to share with you a popular discussion on classroom management, "What's The Best Classroom Management Advice You've Gotten?" I think you will get some very good resources and advice in the discussion.

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