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What are the books you've found most helpful?

What are the books you've found most helpful?

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What are the books (or articles) that you've found most helpful in developing your own effective classroom management techniques? For me, one of my favorites is Marvin Marshall's "Discipline Without Stress, Punishment or Rewards." I don't follow his process step-by-step, but have really gained a lot by learning about his positive approach. I look forward to hearing about other resources....

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DMR's picture
Algebra teacher, Maryland

CHAMPs: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management
By Sprick, Garrison, and Howard

While workshops to go along with the book are most helpful, I find that Champs never leaves me with the sinking feeling -- what do I do now.
Proactive structuring is a huge part of this book. I hardly ever feel the need to raise my voice in my classroom, now. If I feel my Stress level rising I revert to my Champs system.

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