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How do you help students develop self-control?

Larry Ferlazzo I teach English & Social Studies at inner-city high school in Sacramento,CA

Both Alice Mercer and I have recently done lessons with our students on self-control using the famous "marshmallow" study. You can read about her elementary lessonhere and my high school one here. How do you help your students develop self-control?

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High School Special Education science teacher

Larry your topic and lesson

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Larry your topic and lesson plan are timely for me. I am a first year teacher in an ED center, I thought I would be spending most of my time worrying about content (which is the case)but I spend almost as much time trying to figure out how to teach acceptable behaviors. I am sure that many of my students would say that self-control is a key issue for them. I will definitely think about having a lesson using the marshmallow study.

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