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Management in the class room

Management in the class room

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Management in the classroom:any suggestions / activities on how you would handle / manage the class with below situations.
situations can be :
1. one or more students are not participating or engaged in the lesson
2.A group of students come into the class after the lesson has begun.
3.One student has her head down on the desk and other students are looking at her.
4. The beginning of the class is delayed because two students are fighting.
5.You have assigned a task , and some of the students have already completed it, but others are still working.
6. You have purposely counted off students to work in random groups of 5 , but some students want to stay with their friends and do not want to go to the assigned groups.
7. One student is causing disruption (acting out).

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Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

These are typical problems in any classroom. Some are a bigger problem than others, of course.

For students not engaged in the lesson, ask them why, either at the time or after class. Kids tend not to engage either because they don't understand it, they already feel they've mastered this thing, or they find it boring- but you'll never know why if you don't ask. Often, this is am opportunity to redirect and even give these kids material that's more appropriate to their learning level, while keeping them from distracting others in the classroom.

Students coming into class after its begun is often disruptive. If it happens more than once, try to problem solve why they are tardy, and things they can do to be on time, while explaining to them that when they're late, they are affecting everyone else, and helping them to understand how it would be if people came in while they were giving the lesson and being disrespectful.
If some kids complete a task early, maybe you need to have more things for them to do, or read, when they are done- it should be fun and enriching material, giving them something constructive and worth while to do- not just an extra worksheet.

If you can set a tone in your class where the students feel more like a family, and responsible to each other for learning as well as to you as the teacher, a lot of these behaviors go away because kids will tell each other to cut it out and self-police, once you have their respect and understanding.

Classrooms can be difficult- the teacher is teaching at one speed, but not every kid can keep up- some fall behind and others zoom ahead- but the trick is to be giving each of them something they need, which includes encouragement and help to get to the next level.

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