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Attention Grabbers

Serena Murillo Elementary teacher in New Mexico

I am student teaching, and finding it hard to find what works for me when getting the attention of the class when they are doing activities such as group work. The teacher I am working with does a clap pattern thing, which the kids have to repeat, and it works great for him! However, I feel very unnatural doing it so I wanted to try other things. I have tried turning off the lights and all eyes on me, but I am not sure I love that idea either.
Any suggestions would be appreciated! I hate just trying to yell over the kids. I am in a third grade classroom.


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Thanks for the tip, CM McVey.

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Thanks for the tip, CM McVey. The whole school uses this strategy? I'm guessing then that it's built into the culture and students come into each grade knowing the procedure. Very cool.

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Grabbing students

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Grabbing students attention
is something we try to do at the beginning of every lesson. It is probably easier for us in the world of virtual education because we can send students on a web quest or to play an educational game, but it is a great way to give a sneak peek into what they will be learning and it gets the students involved right at the beginning.

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