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Behavior Management

John Bennett Emeritus Faculty in the School of Engineering / University of Connecticut

When classroom management is raised, i have always known how fortunate I was to be teaching university engineering students: qualified students choosing to take my classes. My classroom management was about pedagogy and materials that provide the environment and encouragement for my students to learn effectively - a joy to do for the 30 years prior to retirement.

In conversations with many teachers as I expand my outreach to K-12 following retirement, I realize even more how fortunate I was to be able to ignore the BEHAVIORAL MANAGEMENT aspect of classroom management. I strongly believe this aspect to be the largest detriment to effective learning in all too many classrooms AND most likely the cause of teacher burnout in all too many instances.

I'd really like to hear about BH. For so many classrooms, think how just improving BH will improve learning. May I suggest this to be a major difference when comparing countries?

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Class Dojo Details...

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Hey Nicole!
Class Dojo is AWESOME! Its a brand new technology and most teachers haven't even heard of it yet! (Lucky us, huh?!) I got access to it because I help test out and shape developing educational technologies. If you like Class Dojo and are interested in trying out other educational technologies of tomorrow, you should go here:(http://betaclassroom.wordpress.com/teachers-wanted) cause I'm looking for other teachers to join the team,
But I digress, in answer to your question, YES! Class Dojo runs on BOTH android and mac.

You can sign up for free (Yay free!) at Class Dojo's website: www.classdojo.com
ClassDojo can run on an interactive whiteboard, a computer with internet access, a smartphone, tablet or iPod touch. Also, if you are interested in being involved with more cutting edge ed. tech. go to this website and fill out the survey. They're looking for teachers to give feedback on developing technologies

Elementary Teacher, 3rd Grade, Atlanta, GA

Class Dojo

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I just signed up for this two days ago! It was the easiest signup EVER! The class lists can be copied and pasted from a spreadsheet. The positive and negative notes are easy to adapt to your own classroom rules. It will make a large difference for my students to see how they are doing on a daily basis. And this allows me to track progress quickly from my fingertips!!

I look forward to seeing how it gets better- like different avatars for each student. Love the monster dudes- too cute!

English teacher and literacy coach, Sydney, Australia

While daily reports, rules

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While daily reports, rules and plans may be useful in managing student behavior, I have found the best strategy is building connections. Students who trust their teacher and know that their teacher values them as an individual, generally engage in less disruptive behavior. Even when they do 'slip up', a student who has faith in the teacher student relationship usually only requires a gentle reminder of respectful behavior to self correct. But, and this is a big but, building these connections takes time and patience. I have also found it requires showing a little of my own vulnerability. It does not however, involve being their 'friend' (at least not in the traditional sense of the word).

The teenagers in my classroom love being given the opportunity to express themselves, they still seek external affimations from peers and can get carried away in the moment and yet, even though they strive to express independence, they still want to know they are safe within the walls. These are the walls of their peer group, but they are also the walls of their classroom, school and wider community. I guess, like anyone, students like to 'know where they stand'.

This is why I like to teach with an open door (physically and metaphorically). The students know the walls are there to provide stability, however they also know they have choice. I hope that in keeping the door open the students can see I trust them and respect their right to choose. This fuels their sense of responsibility.

Building Confidence in Students, One Child at a Time

Hi, As per my suggestion,

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As per my suggestion, Behavioral learning has a very significant role in the classroom management. It acts like a road map for the students and helps in enhancing their determination and skill to reach out to their desired learning destination.Primary focus is to build communication with the students.

Thank you once again.


4th grade , Michigan

Behavior in the classroom

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I'm interested in this Class Dojo? What is it exactly. I agree behavior management takes precious time away from student learning. I am dealing with a student this year that has a very difficult time blurting out and talking over other students. I am trying to be patient and help this student realize how unfair it is to always want to be center stage. I'm using a daily points system with this student at the moment, but I'm open to suggestions. I am seeing slow results with the points system.

High School Social Studies Student Teacher

Behavior is the first thing

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Behavior is the first thing any student learns in a classroom. Where to sit, when to talk, etc. are all behavior and are often learned as much from the classroom culture as they are from the teacher directly.

This is my first year as a

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This is my first year as a high school teacher. My mistake at the beginning of the year was presuming that my seniors knew how to behave in a classroom. Any tips on what I can do to bring them back around, or is it too late? I have good rapport with my kids, but most of them have raging cases of senioritis and don't care about doing what they're supposed to do.

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