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Does teaching require a sense of humor?

Does teaching require a sense of humor?

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Came across a great question on Google+ this week from a high school teacher in Texas: Does teaching require a sense of humor?

He linked to this article: "Reasons why high school teachers need a sense of humor." Here's one of my favorite quotes:

"Being a high school teacher requires a sense of humor. In a high school classroom you will encounter pranksters, gossips, ne'er-do-wells, cynics, and a whole slew of other teenagers well past their doe-eyed childhood. Sometimes teenage rebellion and adolescent angst has morphed eager-to-please youngsters into brooding, snappish proto-adults. A sense of humor can help prevent a teacher from blowing his or her stack as the flows of quips, complaints, and bickering never seem to cease."

While the article speaks specifically to high school teachers, I think this applies all around! How do you use humor in your classroom? Do you consider it part of your classroom management "tool belt?"

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