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Suggestions for tough kinder class

Suggestions for tough kinder class

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Hello all, I have a very interesting kindergarten class and have 5 students who are very good friends, but when they are in class, they are very disruptive. By disruptive I mean uncontrollable laughing, absolutely refusing to do what was asked, and physical aggression at times. They are all great kids individually, but when together, they "lose their heads". I do have a full-time aide and much of her time is taken up with one of the students who has special needs. I've worked very hard to build a community with these kids and they all care about me, and each other very much. I use a lot of positive, specific praise and have outlined clear procedures which we practice often. Unfortunately, parents are becoming reluctant to volunteer for lunch duty, and centers as they leave feeling "frazzled" because each of these students needs so much individual attention. I have altered my schedule, shortened blocks of work time, practiced transitions, met with parents, etc. I know that as a new teacher there are things that I can be doing better but I need some suggestions. I've asked the seasoned kinder teacher whom I respect very much and she is at a loss as well. We have discussed moving one of my bunch to her class and having one of her students join my class. Her students know me well as I teach 3 times a week in her class and our schedules/curriculum map are fairly similar so the students wouldn't be thrown into a new curriculum. Has anyone ever switched a student's class mid-year. I'm thinking if I break up the group a bit, they will have more time away from each other and will be able to succeed more easily (with plenty of support from myself and parents). So, I'm wondering if anyone has tried this before and how it worked. Also, what other suggestions might you have. As I said, I've tried positive reinforcement, moving them into the other class for a while (which works beautifully while they are out), and in general, trying to be proactive. I don't want to cheat our class out of learning and I don't want to demonize these students but I'm at a loss.

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