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RESPECT should lead the classroom!

Monique Melancon

When students enter the classroom the primary concern is "YOU" the teacher. The students want to know you personally and the classroom environment. The classroom should begin with the word respect, especially in middle school. The line drawn is when the teacher talks the classroom is quiet. Once the students learn your expectations are to respect themself, the teacher, and the classmates. The problems sholudn't occur as often. Keep structure because students love it. A big complaint I heard was feedback that the students had more respect for the teachers that was organized and planned assignments with deadlines. Stand with a stiff backbone and the students will respond alot better to you and your teaching.

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Early Childhood

I do agree that respect

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I do agree that respect should be of great importance. Students do need to know that school is a place where they come to learn how to handle the situations that will lead them into life outside the walls of their safe zones. I have two sixth graders myself and I teach them everyday that respect is important you go to school to learn things that will take you higer in life. Teachers have a job to do and being organized is a comfort for the students and will help them to grow and learn.

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