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Challenges of Using Technology to Engaging the K3 - K

Doris Anigboro

I am a student majoring in elementary education. My interest will be to teach the K3 - K students when I gradue from college. It is my understanding from discussions with some teacher friends that some of these students still uses diapers when they come to school. Also, it is my understanding that some kids are easily distracted in the classroom. With the increasing use of technology in the classroom, many teachers are using these technology to motivate their students at upper levels to be actively engaged in the classroom, thus achieving good classroom management skills.

Since the K3 - K students are still very young and easily distracted, how can one effectively use technology in the classroom to motivate these students in their early education?

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Hi Doris,

We have a lot of resources for you on Kindergarten and Technology. Take a look at the Technology Integration: K-5 Group discussion. You can post your question there too! Thanks!

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