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Social Studies Bell Work

Lindsay Rodriguez Middle and High School Social Studies Teacher

Anyone know of a good source to find social studies bell work/warm-ups? I have a world geography and a world cultures class and I know this is something I want to do, but as a first year teacher, I'm at a loss for a good starting point.

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Sixth grade social studies teacher in Houston, Texas

I'm curious about the thing!

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I'm curious about the thing! I realize it's been a year since this post was put up, so TexasTeach7 did you find some good resources you could share?

How about a map skills activity?

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Hi - I have been teaching Social studies for (gulp) 18 years and my suggestion for a daily warm-up for Geography is to display the absolute location for a country or a particular city in the region of the world you are studying at the moment. If you have technology at your finger tips, you could create a PPT slide show for the bell ringers each unit, displaying both the absolute location AND a picture clue, such as a landmark found at that location. If I were teaching geography again, that is what I would do for a daily warm-up. You could even give them a fact about that location to record along with the absolute location :-)

High School World History & Economics Teacher from Arizona

Great Ideas

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I like the mapping idea. For both World History and Economics I incorporate questions based on current events happening in the world that coorelate with the topic/location of what we are talking about in class. I also like to use questions that will set up the lesson for the day to engage their prior knowledge and sometimes do questions from the day before for review. Using opinion based questions are good too to create debate and discussion.

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