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The benefit of bullying? (NYTimes)

Betty Ray Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

Here's a fascinating suggestion that antagonistic relationships with peers in school can actually provide useful fodder for growth. I'm not sure I buy it across the board, but I would imagine if the bullying can be contained, and/or the object of said bullying had a pretty resilient personality, this could be true:



"Yet new research suggests that as threatening as they may feel, antagonistic relationships can often enhance social and emotional development more than they impede it. The relationships are not all made equal — a classroom rival is one thing, a hostile ex-friend another — and researchers say their psychological impact depends in part on how youngsters respond."

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Getting at the Roots of Bullying

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I hope you'll read my new article, "Getting at the Roots of Bullying," published by the Virginia Journal of Education. It examines how to prevent bullying from occurring and how to intervene when necessary. Here's the link:

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