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Help! I can't figure this one out...

Help! I can't figure this one out...

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Maybe I am not able "to see the forest for the trees" or something like that. But I have a problem with a student, I guess we all have at some point. Anyway here is my predicament...not a really challenging one, I just have run out of patience and creative ideas. I have a student who, 85% of the time, is a very helpful, positive, thoughtful, motivated 5th grade student. The other 15% of the time he antagonizes classmates, and often times (without recognizing it) he antagonizes me during lessons. For example the student will question me repeatedly, (ex. "Don't you spell bacteria B-A-C-K-T-E-R-I-A? " "No, it is spelled like it is on the board.") he criticizes his peers' work and/or opinions, he challenges me repeatedly, he pouts when he doesn't get his way. Another example "Class we will collect mushrooms on Riprap Trail Monday, Tuesday we will examine them under a microscope and magnifying glass." interrupts to say "There are more mushrooms on another trail, the one I know is better." These actions really takes away from the flow of lessons, group work, and class morale. I know I am partly to blame because I am letting it distract me. I know I shouldn't take him seriously, but I have ignored him for a while, and it has gotten worse. He does it in other classes and to his friends. Thus they tend to alienate him on his "challenging" days, and his attitude worsens. I know at home he challenges his parents constantly, though they do not mind, that is their parenting style. He is treated as an equal to his parents, therefore he seems to feel like an adult most times. I don't want to be impatient with him, or take up anymore class time with these interruptions. What should I do? I tell him no interruptions before and during class, then he gets fidgety if I don not call on him, and he goes off subject when I do call on him.

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