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Class. Management with technology

Class. Management with technology

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Recently, I had to be out of the classroom for some PD. However, we were to start our inquiry science lesson on electricity and circuits. Being that I wasn't sure who the Sub-teacher would be (would he/she have experience to start lesson) and that I did want the unit to start on this day, I created a video for the students to watch of myself introducing the unit and the aspects that needed to be addressed. Has anyone else used similar technology to assist with classroom management when out of the classroom... The sub and students were very receptive to this approach.

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Lisa Litchfield's picture

Yes!! I was going to be gone and didn't want to just give the students "busy work," so I used my Smart Board to record a lesson for each of my classes. I had the students bring headphones and the sub took them to the computer lab where they each watched the lesson. They worked at their own pace and had to pause the video and work out problems. I told them at the beginning of the lesson that they'd have to turn in these problems at the end of class. It worked out wonderfully and I plan to do this again on Friday when I'm gone to professional development.

Donna's picture

Thank you for the ideas for days I will be absent. I would also like to use the technology on a more regular basis in my classroom in general. I have a few issues, like having a Macbook laptop for teacher use and three PCs for student access. My class size at this time can allow me to group my students easily to use them, but the programs I have available are not compatible or available.
Any ideas?

CathyRose's picture

We are a small Christian school with a limited number of teachers, so we combine classes, and utilize video lessons (via headphones w/classroom dividers and creative desk arrangement) to maximize the number of subjects that can be taught at one time. This is used, along with independent work and live teaching, for grades 1-12. It is effective for all grade levels, but especially cost effective for grades 9-12, so more electives can be offered in addition to core subjects. Students basically can have any subjects needed, namely those which may have not been offered at their former schools or have previously been failed and need to be repeated. Of course, there are some negatives that must be overcome using this method, and it brings to mind the "open" or pod classrooms of the 70's, but our SAT scores have improved because of having to follow the set curriculum on the videos, and it frees the teachers up to help those who need extra attention.

Sonnet Myers's picture

This idea sounds great! I can just imagine my students being fascinated with this approach. It would probably force some to think about digging deeper to answer some of the questions they would glibly ask.

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