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Classroom management

Classroom management

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Sometime all it takes is a bite of bribery. I love to sub the kindergarteners because I have established a repore with the students. When I enter the class they ask if I have my tresure chest. They know that inorder to pick from it at the end of the day their behavior has to be good. I achieve two things, good behavior and their admiration. It goes a long way and even those children who have move on to 1st and 2nd still remember and act well in class. For the older kids I have earned their respect by being fair and consistant.

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david pinto's picture
david pinto
maths teacher

i have never liked the idea of prizes/rewards/bribery

i subbed a lot of secondary school
(ages 11 to 18)
and my reward consisted of an enjoyable class
that is
making a boring task interesting

the closest i got to rewards were asking if the kids had any games to play
related to the subject or topic
and quite often they didn't
and i would introduce one
a game involving class participation and thinking and interaction

i also introduced the notion of 20% googletime
where if a class managed to get through a certain amount of work
they were entitled to their own time to pursue their own interest

this is less an award
and more something they deserve

this could only happen if they all demonstrated a minimal self-discipline

very few classes achieved
but plenty tried :)

Melody Highlen's picture

When I became an instructional coach in 1991, I realized that classroom management support was a priority for my new and experienced teachers. Interestingly, I was not able to easily label or share what had worked so well for me over the previous two decades. In my search for easy to implement, research-based classroom management, I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Fred Jones work, Positive Classroom Discipline and Positive Classroom Instruction, that together became Tools for Teaching. To say that the implementation is easy is truly an understatement. I, and subsequently, the teachers I worked with, found an immediate change in the classroom environment and student empowerment taking responsibility for their decisions and actions. Almost twenty years later I am still using Dr. Jones' Tools for Teaching to make a difference.

In teaching university classes for pre-service teachers, I was very pleased to find that Dr. Jones' Tools for Teaching is used as a text in classroom management courses The support of the Tools for Teaching book, videos, and online resources provide a instructor with a deep understanding of the "whys" and "hows" that are the interaction between students and teachers, and, between students. Confidently knowing how to respond with the intent that instruction is the priority brings a clear focus to the "on your feet" decision-making that teachers must make.

I use Edutopia as a resource with my pre-service and graduate students at two universities. When I see questions regarding what to do about classroom management, it is amazing to see that Tools for Teaching is not mentioned. I look forward to further opportunities to share implementation stories.

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