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Confessions of a Less Than Perfect Teacher

Alice Mercer Elementary Computer Lab Teacher

I really enjoyed reading Jason Renshaw's post on his English Raven blog, Confessions of a less than perfect teacher. I love how he shared his mistakes, and more importantly, lessons learned. Anyone have a story to share or thoughts on what Jason wrote?

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Teacher & Less-than-perfect: Is it an oxymoron?

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I find that we as teachers are afraid to admit when we admit we are less than perfect. This is not all our fault, because the nature of evaluation systems have tended to put us on the defensive.
There have been in my history colleagues who have hinted that good teachers are born, not made, and this breeds hopelessness in the heart of those of us who are challenged in crucial areas, like classroom management.

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Great comment.

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We are constantly challenged in crucial areas, like classroom management. People forget there are three people in the classroom: the teacher, the child and the parent.

I raised two children on my own with a beat down car, eating eggs and rice, buying second hand clothes, struggling to pay bills, college loans, running to emergency rooms in the middle of the night, meeting awesome teachers who became mentors and friends, learning more every year, becoming better every year......and what is every principal's solution:go find better ways to manage your classroom. Amazing!!

I think principals feel evaluated also. They should feel pleased that teachers can be open and honest.

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