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Counseling Essentials for the Classroom

Counseling Essentials for the Classroom

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Counseling Essentials is a series of six basic lessons for use with teens and pre-teens to address emotional and behavioral issues in the classroom. The lessons teach mature problem solving and decision making both proactively and reactively. I developed the lessons as a School Psychologist while working with a diverse population of teens in residential treatment. I teach the lessons in a workshop at no cost to teachers and counselors. They can be used as a PBIS intervention at Tier 1 or Tier 2. If you would like to learn a new strategy to address behavior, I invite you to browse the workshop information at www.counselingessentials.com. The effectiveness of the approach is as much in the methodology of delivering the lessons as the content. It is very teen friendly. I recently was invited to present my work at both the CEC annual conference in Denver and the APBS annual conference in Atlanta. Teachers who have used the approach with their students give it high marks as do their students. There has been a lot written here about student motivation which research has shown is based upon efficacy, value and connectedness. The lessons are not overwhelming to students and give students a feeling of competency in their ability to master the basic principles. The lessons also answer the all important teen question of 'why?' - that is, why should I do this? How does this benefit me? Lastly the lessons are convergent and divergent. They help students understand their commonality with peers thus fostering connectedness as well as helping teens to learn how to begin to address problems specific to their own lives. Jane (janeaidell@prodigy.net)

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