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Music- The Breakthrough Autism Therapy

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One of the latest pieces of advice for parents, teachers and carers of children with Autism is the power of music in assisting cognitive development and emotional wellbeing. The use of music therapy has already shown great results for improving temperament in children with Autism, supporting them to develop stronger learning skills and knowledge acquisition.
Do you believe music is a new powerful outlet in supporting children with autism? Has anyone experienced the benefits of music therapy for Autism for themselves?

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K-12 Music (Vocal Concentration)

I have an autistic student in

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I have an autistic student in my elementary music class. At first he was very distant, hid in his shirt, etc. Now, he's very good with pitch awareness, rhythms are very easy for him - he's actually filling out his worksheets. He also sings very well - I have no complaints :-)

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