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I-Pods and other Technology

I-Pods and other Technology

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Please share how you are using I-Pods/I-Pod Touches and other forms of technology with students with Autism.

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Mandy's picture

We are trying to get a grant for I-Pads for our students with autism. They work so well on the computer and have all types of video games that they play at home, we think they may learn best from the new technology. They are much more interested in reading a book on an I-Pad than an actual paperback book that they can hold. One teacher has a nook and we have checked out some of the apps, and the students really love them. I think this will be a great way to get them interacted, excited, and learning new things that we may be struggling to teach them because their focus is better on a colorful interactive screen than on us. It's amazing what this new generation will be able to do.

Ray Dorso's picture
Ray Dorso
Director of Special Services, New Milford School District

Thanks for sharing and good luck with your grant. What grade level are your students?



Jessica Gardner's picture
Jessica Gardner
autism teacher in Georgia

I have been looking for the same. I have one that I personally was not able to get completely off the ground but I told another teacher in a different area and she got several ipads for her room. It is called the ipad challenge. Just google it and you will find it. It is through Autism awareness. If you can sell 60 of certain autism awareness products they will donate an ipad to your class. Sell 120 and you get to and so on. Good luck!

Hubert Yee's picture

Hi Jessica,

Are there other similar resources you've used to generate resources for students with autism or/and special needs? Thanks for sharing!

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