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Assessment of Those Above Teacher Level

RheaNY Parent of Grammar School Student in NYC

One way to improve schools is to improve assessments of those who control the curriculum, budgets and teachers' careers.
Would you be kind enough to complete my survey (link below). It was created to assess the performance of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as he has had control of the schools for several years now.
Anyone touched by the NYC public school system is invited to fill out the survey -- employers, college professors and admissions officers, NYC citizens, parents who chose private school over the NYC system, or even people in other states who feel directly affected by NYC mayoral control.
I'm a NYC citizen and former public schools parent. The results will be distributed at the end of March


Thank you, Victoria Zunitch

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Great Post! I feel that it is

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Great Post! I feel that it is importation to assess teacher's work, because students get their knowledge from the teachers.Teachers play a vital role in students' s life.Therefore, assessing teachers as well as students will be a good method to improve a student' s life.

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