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Assessment in math

David Wees Learning Specialist: Technology for Stratford Hall

So I have a couple of questions about assessment in mathematics.

1. Is it more important to assess a student's understanding of how a mathematical procedure or algorithm works? Or is it more important to assess that they know how to set up and solve a problem which lends itself to a mathematical solution?

2. How should we assess the communication of the mathematical concepts students learn?

3. Can you reliably use something other than a test to assess understanding in mathematics?

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CNYIAP Founder, Ph.D. education

Both are equally important.

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Both are equally important. One is the theory the other the practice.

Building Confidence in Students, One Child at a Time

Thanks for this question! I

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Thanks for this question! I believe Maths is subject which most of the students are scared of. Maths as a subject requires a proper understanding. It is not a subject where students read and try to remember the sums, rather it requires regular practice. Taking regular test will help students to understand the subject. However, to make the subject interesting, methods like online learning and online test will also help students.

9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade Maths Teacher from India

Actually in a way both are

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Actually in a way both are the same. They can teach each other in the class and so that we can get a clear picture about their understanding level.

High School Math Teacher from Minnesota

I beleive that if a student

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I beleive that if a student can understand how to solve a problem and they can transfer that knowledge to real life situations, I am a proud teacher. We need to instill in them that the things that we are teaching them are being taught for a reason and if we can show them that by "testing" them in a different way, GREAT. Has anyone ever thought of putting their tests on the computer and making them more of a game and not labeling them as a test? I have thought about this for quite some time and was wondering if anyone had done it and had any success with it.

Mathematics is so dynamic in

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Mathematics is so dynamic in such away that it is applicable in everyday life. Therefore if we teach concepts to our learners and show or mention to them where in life it is applied they will be in a position to appreciate. so I believe maths can be test not only in class but also how they apply.

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