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Assessment Resources for Teachers

Assessment Resources for Teachers

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I am working on a project for UW-Extension. My task is to find assessment tools and resources online for teachers to use. If you have suggestions for sites, please let me know. I would also appreciate knowing what you are looking for so I can find what you need.

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Donelle O'Brien's picture
Donelle O'Brien

Are you familiar with Yacapaca? What are your thoughts about their online assessments?

Suzie Boss's picture
Suzie Boss
Journalist and PBL advocate

Hi Anthony,
Here's a useful set of tools for assessing student writing, using the the 6+1 Traits: http://thetraits.org/scoring_practice.php
There are scored samples of student writing and tools to guide assessment. (Full disclosure: I used to work at Northwest Regional Educational Lab--now Education NW--where these tools were developed.)
Also, having conversations about student work can be a rich professional development activity. Academy for Educational Development has developed online resources to guide this work: http://scs.aed.org/rsw/

muhammad dahlani's picture
muhammad dahlani
Tenth grade accounting teacher from Bekasi, West Java

I teach in suburb area. recently we use IT to improve student skill. But, i doubt if it will be done to every student. I am going to make small research about the learning style that appropriate to learn by using IT.

Marian A. Williams's picture

I am so happy to have run across the chat, I just signed up.
I am in the process of developing assessments in Math,Language Arts/Reading, Science and Social Studies for Pk-5th grades. Is there a site that I can go to that can assist me with this.

Rhoonda Howard's picture
Rhoonda Howard
6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies; 8th Grade Language Arts

I can't wait to check into all of these sites. Thanks!

Rhoonda Howard's picture
Rhoonda Howard
6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies; 8th Grade Language Arts

appears to be one of those ugly sites you wish you had never contacted. Christina, did you have any problem with spam after using it?

Rhoonda Howard's picture
Rhoonda Howard
6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies; 8th Grade Language Arts

Wow. Read one thread on classroom management - only a few pages - and decided never to go back. Many posts were combative, simply to be combative.
Even though I think I might have added some good ideas, I realized not many really wanted to hear them.
There are too many excellent education sites to waste time reading bickering posts.
Leadership and Learning http://leadandlearn.com/ is good.
GLAD methods and formative assessments are good if that is your style.
http://www.centralischool.ca/~bestpractice/ has wonderful teaching methods and assessment pages.
Good luck!

Erika Saunders's picture
Erika Saunders
6th-8th Special Ed, LS & Mentally Gifted teacher

Just wanted to give a resounding "yea!" for Rubistar. It really is great for creating rubrics for virtually any project/assignment/assessment. When I had my own classroom (we're not using an inclusion model and I'm co-teaching), I used it for just about every assignment - both for my students with IEP's and the Mentally Gifted class.

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