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Assessment Resources for Teachers

Assessment Resources for Teachers

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I am working on a project for UW-Extension. My task is to find assessment tools and resources online for teachers to use. If you have suggestions for sites, please let me know. I would also appreciate knowing what you are looking for so I can find what you need.

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Michael Darden's picture
Michael Darden
Founder of A Deeper View, Father of 3 Sons 2 with Autism Spectrum Disorders

A Deeper View LLC. has commercialized the works of Dr. Michael Behrmann from the Helen Keller Institute for Human disAbilites at george mason universtiy. Over 6 years of research and design has gone into this web based program that sullorts multiple instructors collecting data on a student and graphing the results in real time.

It is a must see to believe type of thing... Customized curriculum for each student and maintains all of the records while comparing improvemetn and regression on each target. If you'd like to take a look, please select the "Request a Demo" on the www.adeeperview.com website.

Looking forward to helping our kids reach their highest potential.


Kelly Watson's picture
Kelly Watson
2nd Grade Teacher from North Dakota

I also have used the rubistar website before and found it very helpful and easy to implement. I need to make more of an effort to use rubrics in my classroom as assessments and have my students take part in assessing their own work. I really found the website, http://www.centralischool.ca/~bestpractice/rubrics/index.html that was mentioned by someone else very helpful. I've never heard of exit slips or a celebration of learning to use as assessments. It gave me great ideas and examples for each type of assessment. I also found the leadandlearn.com website helpful. It had many articles on assessment to read and a variety of resources to look at. I have also used the assessments for 6-traits of writing and found them fairly easy to use. However, I have had some troubles with implementing them into our current writing program. Currently, I'm looking to find more resources for science and social studies assessments. I am eager to look more at some of the websites that have been posted, thank you for your help!

Betsy Kohnstamm's picture

a-zreading -- We use their benchmarked books for Running Records in reading, their rubrics for retelling fiction and non-fiction

Geordie M Paulus's picture
Geordie M Paulus
Technology Support Teacher for Howard County Public Schools, Maryland

I participated in the demo for A Deeper View and wanted to share back that is was a worthwhile experience. The application does show great potential for tracking student data in a easy, timely manner. I was able to make clear connections with tracking student IEP data and am trying to figure out a way to make this same application applicable to my work as a technology teacher. I received a trial account to work with, which helps as I am researching different assessment and data capturing tools. The demo was easy to participate in and I am now able to work in my trial account without any guidance. Thank you!

Laura Ann Massie's picture

I'm taking a graduate course titled "Thoughtful Assessment" and collecting samples for a portfolio assignment. I need a sample from each type: selected response, essay, personal communication and performance. I need it quick! Please email me with your samples. I need to analyze each sample for this portfolio assignment. Thanks!

David Wees's picture
David Wees
Formative Assessment Specialist for New Visions for Public Schools

Lots of great resources here folks, thanks for sharing.

I see Rubistars shared and recommended a few times. What is it about this site that makes it useful to you? Why do you like it? It would be helpful to know as we look for other resources to share.

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