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Portfolio assessment

Portfolio assessment

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I'm looking for information about anyone using portfolio assessment for students in world language study.

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David Wees's picture
David Wees
Formative Assessment Specialist for New Visions for Public Schools

I'd love to help you, but I don't teach any world languages. If you are looking for a starting place, just collecting student work, and letting them decide on what they would like to include in their portfolio is a starting place.

Randi's picture
1st grade teacher

I am curious is anyone using electronic portfolios with your students? If so, how do you use them and how much work are they?

farida abdallah's picture

about portfolios. I am sorry to say when a teacher asks about what a pupil should put in his portfolio, he tells us that he doesn't have a portfolio himself !!!
a pupil put everything in his portfolio: essays, (written and rewritten), researches, stories, pictures ... anything he produces and does in class or outside. this is another way of assessment: either practised by the teacher or by the pupil (self-assessment).
Receiving training at a regular basis helps teachers to know about portfolios.
I can provide more information if need be.
thank you.

Tiffany's picture
9th-12th Social Studies Teacher

My students in my classes present their electronic portfolios at the end of each semester. They can choose how they want to present the information using some type of presentation format-from movies, prezi, powerpoint, etc. I use a common core based rubric to assess their thinking skills and improvement over the course of the year.

You need to ultimately decide what you want the portfolio to do. Ultimately, the portfolio focus is for the students to self evaluate their work over time. You can either focus on skills, improvement, or ultimate end knowledge. It depends on what your end goal is.

Portfolios are the best form of authentic assessment, as it forces students to actively take charge of what they are learning and makes them aware of areas of improvement.

brahim elouafi's picture
brahim elouafi
teacher of English at a high school Morocco

portfolio assessment is supposed to be a long term process whereby the teacher can come to grips with learning outcomes

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