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Getting my feet wet

waldenAL 9th grade math from GA

I'm new to blogging, and I'm required to join one. This is a test run.

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9th grade math from GA

Master's work

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Any advice for classes of 40?

Learning Specialist: Technology for Stratford Hall

With 40 kids, it becomes

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With 40 kids, it becomes really difficult to give kids individual attention, but you have to try your best. The most students I've worked with is 34, and what I found was most effective was putting the kids in 3-4 person mixed level groups, minimizing the amount of time giving instructions at the front of the classroom, and acting as a floater to go between groups. The kinds of activities you give the kids have to be fairly interesting (while obviously being worthwhile learning activities) and should include simple enough instructions that the kids hopefully can get started on their own.

I noticed that just putting the kids in groups, even when the assignment was an individual one, was more effective because it meant the kids were more likely to be able to help each other out, and I only had to give instructions to each group once, instead of having to help out every single kid in the class every single time.

I'd also recommend a lot of assignments that the kids can discuss and even argue about so that the experiences they have outside of class are useful in class.

What subject do you teach? I might have some more recommendations, but they are more content specific.

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