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Assessing student progress during a lab, project, or PBL

Assessing student progress during a lab, project, or PBL

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OK, I am having a little trouble with this, hard for many to believe! I am having trouble with what my principal calls "progress monitoring" of students. My kids do get their projects completed and most very very well, so turning things in is NOT the issue. Getting quality work is not a frequent issue either. But sometimes these projects take more than a week and no grade shows up in the online gradebook in the interim, and this is a problem. We are supposed to have one grade a week. My issue is that to me that is a "fluff" grade. He says to stop and give a quiz or something, but with limited access to technology and limited time to teach a lengthy PBL or such, a day off for a quiz so that I can have a grade feels like so much wasted time! Plus, not all of the kids will be in the same place due to the DI I practice in my classroom. So, if anyone has any suggestions, tips, or tricks, feel free to share away!! Thanks in advance! Beth

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