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A Dialogue on Effective Assessment

A Dialogue on Effective Assessment

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Why can't we get a national, regional, or even state or local discussion of meaningful assessment of learning - initiated through reference to articles / commentaries such as this one from the NY Times? http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/20/opinion/20engel.html?_r=1&th&emc=th I for one believe strongly that there are many people who are doing effective assessment; I also believe that there are many articles / commentatires such as the one above that document very good examples of what good assessment looks like. I also believe strongly that the best solutions arise from open and broad discussion - always. But, no, ... What we get is prescriptive "solutions" to major problems [effective assessment in the present case] and large amounts of funds being spent to develop those solutions. So here's my offer: I'll be one of the people monitoring an assessment discussion list / blog - if that is what it takes to get one started. I'm not an assessment expert by any means; BUT I do care about how much my grandchildren are learning as I cared about how much my engineering students were learning while a full-time faculty member. We don't need experts always to tell us what to do; we do need interested people to discuss the topic with many other interested people - including the experts of course. Any one interested enough to start a discussion through Edutopia? Wouldn't it be great is people like Arne Duncan were part of the discussion?

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