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Science/Social Studies Assessments

Science/Social Studies Assessments

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I teach 4th grade and we have our students for the whole day. We don't switch classes or teachers for other subjects. I am finding it hard to teach both Science and Social Studies well to all my students to the point where I feel comfortable enough to give them a test. Those are typically times when Title One support pulls students or Math Core pulls students so they are missing the main lesson. I give them a quick mini lesson when they return but it's not the same. It's also a subject that is hard to differentiate, like you typically do for math and reading. I feel the book tests are too difficult for what little time we have to teach those subjects so I am wondering what do other upper elementary teachers do for assessments in those subject areas when the time is so limited?

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Mr. Wright's picture
Mr. Wright
6th Grade Social Studies Teacher in Houston, Texas.

Try incorporating Science and Social Studies content in your ELAR lessons or extensions. The students will still be reading / calculating, but they will be using information specific to Science or Social
Studies curriculum. They could be working on finding the Main Idea with a reading passage about the 13 colonies. Or they could be working on adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals using data gained from weighing their textbooks using a triple-beam-balance. Sometimes the simplest unit in Science or Social Studies can translate over to Math and Reading.

Try this link

Hope this helps.

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