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The speaking test

The speaking test

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Hello everybody I'm seeking your help and advice. The question is: how to make low achievers succeed their speaking test? I am asked to do the speaking test at the beginning of the one-hour session. I usually call to board one or 2 pupils and assign a topic (already covered in class). The problem is essentially with low achievers; they are not motivated to engage in any speaking activity. I tried to pair them up with excellent pupils but they refuse speaking. I know since they are not good at English they feel embarrased to talk in front of their classmates. how do I motivate the pupils into expressing themselves or interacting with each other? Thanks in advance

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Building Confidence in Students, One Child at a Time

Thanks a lot for this question. I think my advice to you would be to make the classroom session more interactive. Give all the students equal chance to talk in class, and one thing important is that you should never differentiate between a good and a weak student. You can also take help of informative technology like an I-Pad in classroom and make learning interesting so that students enjoy your classroom session, and this will help your weaker students to come out from the loneliness shell.

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Building Confidence in Students, One Child at a Time

Improving the communication among the class is very essential. Develop an interactive session as this will help the students to interact with each other and in boosting their confidence...Try this ..:)

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